How to Clean Your Deck With a Pressure Washer?

Steps required to clean your deck with a pressure washer. Generally, decks are a great addition to homes, but sometimes they may get dirty, dusty, or have some patches of stain. In this instance, a good wash is certainly necessary to keep your deck as clean and sparkling as before. One of the best tools for making sure your deck gets a good wash is the pressure washer. If you don’t know the steps to wash the deck with a pressure washer, this guide is intended for you. Just follow the steps below to give your deck the effective and proper cleaning it deserves.

Get your materials and pressure washer ready for the task

If you are using a gasoline pressure washer, make sure you have enough fuel in the engine to take you through the washing process. Check other materials, including detergents and other things needed for an effective wash. You will also need to check the oil in the engine and pressure pump to be sure there is enough grease for the machine when cleaning. If there are plants close to the deck or other things that may not need the force of pressured water splashing on them, protect them by covering with a plastic or any material that can save them from the force of water.

Start with Cleaning the railings

Begin by pressure washing the railings. Make sure the tip is 7 to 10 inches from the wood. Start from the top and work your way down, spraying balusters at corners to clean two sides at the same time. Go over to the deck boards and wash grime off the wood. When you see stubborn mildew or other stains, go over them more than once rather concentrating the hose on the area with stains. It is not a good idea to wash any wood with concentrated water because it may weaken the wood over time. Instead, spray that area up to three or four times to clear off any stubborn stain. This method of washing will also help preserve the wood’s lignin ( the glue which holds the wood fibers together).

Rinse thoroughly to finish your Pressure cleaning

After pressure washing the deck thoroughly, rinse it with normal water without any cleaning solution. If there is debris left between the deck boards like twigs or leaves, now is the time to remove it. The windows and siding need to be rinsed at low water pressure to get rid of any chemical residue.

You can even use a brightener to bring back its shiny color and make it less receptive to stains. Once you have wiped all areas clean, your deck will become new again and be shining bright.

Guide Using A Pressure Washer To Clean A Deck Video


Incase you are making use of synthetic motor oils, you need to regularly check the oil as you clean the deck.
For the gas pressure washer that requires manual pulling, make sure there is no one standing behind you as you pull the trigger. A clenched fist or elbow ramming into someone’s groin or face is enough to ruin his day. Overall, it is important to understand the power of your machine and how best to use it to provide the most ideal result when pressure washing your deck.

Cleaning and staining a deck is much more complicated that the steps described. First, usually the deck will show varying wear and sun fading depending on sun/shade. Especially the horizontal surfaces. After three years there will usually be bare wood in places where there is traffic (stair steps, etc.) and varying degrees of stain fading.

Second, in my experience over the years, cleaner will only remove dirt but will not necessarily make the wood a good consistent base for stain. I have yet to find a cleaner that removes the grey and returns the original color of the wood. There are only two ways to get a good base for stain (and you may have to do both):

Sanding and using the power washer with the wand tip closer than 6 inches but not enought to carve up the wood. It is not an easy job and for a deck of any size it can take up to a week to accomplish. If you have a cedar deck and use semi-transparent stain, the deck will look amazing for three years then you will be back at it.